Stad-Nomaden examines how we want to live, learn, think and work together in order to shape the future.  By using methods of artistic creativity, it is intended to stimulate the dialog and interaction between different system of values, faiths and nationalities.

Upcoming Projects [2021]

Die Hängenden Gärten, Zollbrück, Mai 2021
Art and Agriculture, Emmental, 2021

Brigitta Ryter, Wanner [433], 2020

Project-team Tentakel 2020
Bart van Lieshout, Christine Saalfeld, Marije Mooren, Marian Fontein, Ko de Kok, Irene Siekman, Roos den Bosch and other artists, musicians, local organisations and volunteers (for more information, click here).

Tentakel 2020

Project-team op reis met de boekentrein – performance

Christine Saalfeld, Nicole Unger and Wim 

Christine Saalfeld, op reis met de boekentrein
Christine Saalfeld, op reis met de boekentrein

Stad-Nomaden board: Herman Lamers, Nicola Unger and Maria Russo.

The projects of 2020 are kindly supported by CBK Rotterdam, Elise Mathilde Fonds, Gemeente Rotterdam, OpzomerMee, Volkskracht, Cultuur concreet, Delat Port Donatie Fonds, Popunie, Circusstad Rotterdam en Circus Rotjeknor .

Stad-Nomaden has also received funding or is supported by CBK Rotterdam, MYA Fonds, Woonstad Rotterdam, Erasmusstichting, Pop Unie, Sculpture International Rotterdam among others.

Tentakel 2020 wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door: